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Volume : VI, Issue : V, September - 2022

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Digital eye strain and mask associated dry eyes during COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon

Majd S. Haddam, Ghina F. El Chakik, Fady K. Sammouh, John E. Warrak, Elias L. Warrak

Abstract :

Purpose: To study the contribution of quarantine with online work and education to exacerbating digital eye strain and causing possible refractive changes. To illustrate the prevalence of mask associated dry eyes and potential increase use of contact lenses.Methods: This is a questionnaire-based cohort study from Lebanon during the period between July 1 and October 1, 2021. The questionnaire consisted of 10 multiple choice questions in. The included age group was between 5 and 50 years old.Results: The total number of questionnaires was 100. The mean age was 25.8 years. 73% of patients were involved in online work or education during COVID pandemic and these were divided into subcategories. 83% of the patients reported an increase in screen time during quarantine. Furthermore, 59% declared worsening of their dry eye symptoms, developing dry eyes, had ocular fatigue and/or headache secondary to increased screen time (70% of the participants had an existing chronic dry eyes). Crosstabulation analysis showed that out of the patients who reported increased in digital eye strain symptoms, 83.1% had online work or education (28.8% had online school classes, 18.6% had online university classes and 35.6% were involved in online work) while 16.9% werent involved in any online activity (P=0.011).Conclusion: Patients who switched to online work and education during COVID-19 pandemic had significantly higher incidence of digital eye strain. No significant change in refraction was noted as compared to patients without online work and education. Mask associated dry eyes was noted in a large number of patients.

Keywords :

Cornea, ocular surface, COVID-19, eye strain.

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DIGITAL EYE STRAIN AND MASK ASSOCIATED DRY EYES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN LEBANON, Majd S. Haddam, Ghina F. El Chakik, Fady K. Sammouh, John E. Warrak, Elias L. Warrak, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-6 | Issue-5 | September-2022

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