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Subacute Polymyositis in young patient

Dr Darshankumar Manubhai Raval, Ummayhany Bharmal

Abstract :

Inflammatory myositis is a group of conditions that mainly include Polymyositis, Dermatomyositis, Necrotizing myositis and Inclusion body myositis. All of them are characterized by elevated levels of serum creatinine kinase. Polymyositis is marked by symmetrical proximal muscle weakness of the shoulder and pelvic girdle and presents as difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, rising from sitting position or difficulty in overhead abduction of hands. We present a case of a young healthy male who presented with subacute onset of polymyositis. The objective of this case report is to highlight the subacute presentation of polymyositis. A healthy 17 year old male presented with complaints of difficulty in walking, not being able to stand from a supine position and pain in the back of the left thigh for 1 month. The patient also reported multiple falls while walking during this duration of one month. The patient also had depressed power of the muscles of the lower limbs. Based on the clinical signs a diagnosis of polymyositis was made and methylprednisolone was administered. The patient showed improvement in muscle power and deep tendon reflexes of lower limb. Prompt treatment with corticosteroids can lead to rapid resolution of symptoms.

Keywords :

Inflammatory myositis, Muscle inflammation, Muscle weakness Skeletal muscle

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SUBACUTE POLYMYOSITIS IN YOUNG PATIENT, Dr Darshankumar Manubhai Raval, Ummayhany Bharmal, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MEDICINE : Volume-6 | Issue-6 | November-2022

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